I am SO doomed

It's a girl. I guess I should just give up now.... :)


OK....might find out whether it's a boy or girl

Well, we have the rescheduled ultrasound appt today at 4. Hopefully this will be the day that we can officially say "our son" or "our daughter". Can't wait to find out.

Lot's of stuff have happened since the last time I blogged anything. Cathy is getting bigger and bigger every day. The baby is kicking up a storm....I think that we may have a potential soccer star in there :)

We registered a few weeks ago at Babies R Us, Target, and Wal-mart. Since then, my mother has bought us the stroller and carseat thing. My in-laws have bought us the crib, mattress, some sheets, and the papasan bouncy seat which Cathy and I really like. We are hoping that someone will buy the papasan swing to go with it, but it's kinda expensive so we may have to swing that one ourselves when the time comes, but we'll see.

I fried my computer at the beginning of February. The power supply and the system board were toasted. All of the 5V leads on power supply plug and system board were blackened. I think that I may have been asking for a little too much out of my system. Upon reflection, it probably wasn't the smartest thing to try to power an ATI AIW 9200 Pro, Firewire card, USB2 card, and NIC from a 350W power supply. Oh well....live and learn.

I bought an Asus motherboard and an Aspire power supply and I am loving it right now. I also picked up a Chieftec Dragon case. I am kicking myself for not doing this sooner. great looking case, frontside usb and firewire and it is SO easy to work on.