Freakin' scam artists!

Let me just say that I can't FREAKIN' stand getting ripped off. Dishonest people REALLY piss me off. I don't mind trading my money for goods and services that I truly value, but when I get charged $9.95 on my credit card for no reason that I can discern, I tend to get a little pissed off.
After googling for a little while, I found the this :

Scam artists and fraudsters. Hate 'em. Two days ago, I checked a credit card statement online. I had no reason to, I just did it. Well, I'm glad I did. There was a charge for $9.95 from Groupphoenixone, Llc 310-356-6594 Ca. WTF is that, I asked. A quick Google found one blog that mentioned them. It seems that I was not alone, although the company name changes often in the messages over the past year or more.

I call the number. The answering machine is almost comical in the way they guy tries to say, without bursting into fits of laughter, that they will deal with you via e-mail. I find their webpage. I'm now positive I haven't spent my cash with them. So I call up US Bank, tell her I already looked it up, called the number and generally am sure they are full of crap. Amazingly enough, she says, OK, we'll dispute the charge and credit your account....which she actually did!

It seems that either they are getting the numbers from some other service leak, although no one can figure out the connection, or they are randomly doing numbers till they get a hit. Both suck. I can only imagine how many people wouldn't even notice $9.95. These jerks are probably making some serious cash...who says crime doesn't pay.

TheRus (again)

This scam has got to be raking in the cash. Interestingly enough, I recently bought some AAA batteries in bulk from Buy.com using my credit card. According to this blog, Buy.com was one of the companies that the blogger noticed he had used that might have contributed to it.

At any other time, this would not be a big deal, but since this is a holiday weekend, my bank is closed until Tuesday. Also, I am getting ready to travel to visit family over the course of the next week and not being able to use my check card is a MAJOR inconvenience, plus add in the aggravation of having to switch over all of my monthly recurring charges that are tied to my card to a new card once this is all worked out. This is ulcer creating material.

The thing that REALLY gets me annoyed is that judging by the responses I have seen on other blogs about this, the major credit card companies and most of the banks have never even heard of this company or this particular phishing scenario.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ed, I have been very ill. I am just now checking my credit cards for taxes and found I was billed for $180 by groupphoenix.one.....I teach for the University of Phoenix which may be why I did not notice as this went by. I want to get my money back. Any ideas?

Thank you for having this posted on the web.

Katherine bolman

27/5/06 4:25 PM  

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