Wow....lotsa new stuff to write about. I've not been updating this blog due to the fact that my daughter was born on Tuesday May 17th. I haven't been getting a lot of computer time these past few days, (except now that I am back to work) so I have been unable to update my blog.

My little princess managed to get one over on her daddy before even being born. I had bought a ticket to see Episode III with a bunch of friends from work. The initial due date that the wife and I were given was May 10th. So, I figured, great...I'll get to be there for the wife and then get to catch the new star wars the next week. WRONG. The little bugger decided that she was too cozy and decided to stay in for another week.

The past week, I've been collapsing into the bed at 9 and sleeping like the dead until "Daddy's Little Alarm Clock" decides that she is hungry at 1 am and wants to keep Mommy and Daddy awake until 4. I'm not complaining as there are much worse reasons to be awake at 3 am. I only wish that there was more on TV at that time of night :) (thank God for Tivo at least).


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