long time

Hey there.....haven't posted anything (except from digg.com) in a while.

We have not yet had our "little arrival". Cathy is wishing that she would get here though. Can't say that I don't feel the same.

Got some new news to post. About 2 weeks ago, Cathy came home and her old laptop was frozen with the screensaver on. She powered it off and then on again. Got blinking lights for about 30 seconds and then it would power down. Seeing as how the laptop was bought used 4 years ago, and it pretty much served it's purpose up until now, we decided to buy her a new desktop. Funny enough, I had just seen a pretty wicked barebones system from TigerDirect that morning. After talking with her about it, I ordered one.

After checking the specs of the motherboard, I realized that she would have a better machine than me. (Seeing as how I am a total geek, this was not an acceptable solution) So the new parts show up the next week and I proceeded to basically tear up MY machine and build 2 new machines out of the parts. So now, I have a new puter and Cathy has a new puter.

Now if you know me, a new computer is no big deal. I mess around with my machines so much that it seems like I'm always formatting and reinstalling again on a monthly basis anyway. I must say that I am happy that I can now encode AAC files in iTunes 3X faster and I can play TW2005 without it crashing constantly....speaking of which, I think they are calling me to the tee box....later.


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