OK....I'm back

Took a break from weblogging for a bit. I have been trying to keep up with cataloging my DVD collection and sorting through my music. I"ve been trying for months to get my collection sorted enough to the point that I could convert to AAC "en masse" and just let my system run at it. No such luck.

Cathy is starting to freak out about the baby's room. There is still an old full size bed in the room along with tons of boxes of junk that need to be transported to the storage building. I think that we have picked out a color for the room though. One of Cathy's coworkers is going to take the bed and build us a dresser for the baby as payment for the bed, which is pretty cool. Depending on how it comes out, I may ask her to make a table for Cathy in the corner of her room. Speaking of babies, Cathy is getting bigger. (Check out the picture in the gallery). We got another ultrasound done before we left for PA for christmas. I have it digititized in full resolution and I am going to have to tinker with it to get it suitable for the web. I'll put it on the to do list for later this week or next.


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