OK...time for a new post. Not really sure of what to say. Bought a food dehydrator this past week. Been making beef jerky like a madman.....the whole house smells like a campfire when I dry it. Also did some fruit the other day. Kinda neat. Pineapple smells really good when you put it into a dehydrator. The whole house smelled like a tropical island. It did look kinda freaky when it was dry though. Tastes awesome, but man does it look weird.
Also dried some pears and bananas with the pinapple. The pears taste really good and actually look like what they are, but man do the bananas look weird. Little brown buttons come to mind, and they have kind of a malted taste, definitely not what I was initially expecting. I've had banana chips before and was kinda expecting that crisp texture and taste.


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