evil genius, Mwuhahahaha

Ok.....I have found my newest timewaster. The game is called Evil Genius. The premise is simple: you are a Dr Evil type character hellbent on world domination. Your job is to build your underground lair and recruit lots of minions to perform dirty deeds and steal things for you all around the globe. Along the way you have to keep your lair free from spys, enemy agents, and thieves that are bent on stopping your journey to world domination.

Also on my timewaster list, my new Ipod. Also have just recently bought a new DV camera. The baby is coming soon so I figure that I would get a way to digitally document the little tykes life. We bought a Panasonic PV-GS14. Very small, lightweight camera. Takes 1MP digital stills also. Not very good quality stills, but it's kinda neat that it even lets you take them. Now my next task is to learn to use Adobe Premiere to edit the home videos that we already have.
Also need to look for a better digital still camera. I have my eye on a Sony DVC-V1 right now. Relatively inexpensive and 5MP. It had good reviews, so I need to find one that I can play with and see how it feels to hold and shoot with.

I have been digitizing my older VHS home movies also. I found a lot of old footage of me playing with Peanut when she was a puppy. Unfortunately, the older video camera had lost its appeal when we first got Petie. We have plenty of still pics of the pups here.

I'll have to find out if my sister still have videotape of when my cats were kittens before we moved to NC. That would be fun to see.


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