About Me

I’m a mostly self-taught geek.

I got into the IT field mostly by accident.  I had gone on from high school to a community college studying architecture and then moved on to Temple University to get a Bachelor of Architecture degree and become a licensed architect.

After losing almost a full year of classes from community college and studying for 2 and a half years I came to the realization that I didn’t want to continue.  I had worked in the computer labs in the architecture department as part of a work-study program and found that i enjoyed the administration of the systems more than the design work i was doing.

I left Temple and moved back home and got a job working for a company that designed CRM (customer relation management) software doing technical support for FedEx salespeople.  I worked there for 2 years and quit after not getting any kind of advancement oppurtunities.  My then-fiance (now wife) and I went on a road trip to NC to find work as she had been looking for a teaching job and had been unable to find anything in Northeast PA.

Within a week, she had a job to start teaching in September and we moved 5 weeks later. I started working for a Fortune 50 retail company and have been there ever since.  I’m currently doing Unix and AIX system administration duties for approximately 3000 servers in various locations throughout the US.

I have a daughter and have been married for 15 years.  We live in a small town in NC where my wife teaches in the local school system.

I’m a technology junkie.  I have multiple devices that i like playing around with.  AppleTV, Roku, Raspberry Pi, Nexus 7 tablet, Mac Mini, Galaxy SII and other systems running various flavors of windows, linux, Android and OS X.

I’ll also be using this blog to talk about non-tech stuff.  I’m an avid cigar fan and finally purchased a humidor recently.