Gurkha cigars

I picked up a couple of sampler packs of Gurkha that were on special from Cigars International.

4 x Gurkha Centurian Double Perfecto (6″ x 60)
4 x Gurkha Warlord (6.75″ x 60)
4 x Gurkha Beast (6.5″ x 56)
4 x Gurkha Vintage Shaggy Gran Rothschild (6.5″ x 55)
4 x Gurkha Beauty (6.5″ x 56)
20 total cigars for around $40….not a bad deal considering that most of the Gurkha’s I’ve seen are anywhere from $7-10 a stick.

I’ve had the Centurion, the vintage Shaggy and the Beauty so far.

  • Centurion Double Perfecto – It was a decent smoke. Interesting shape. I’ve never smoked a Perfecto cigar before so that was a new experience for me. A little hard to get an even burn at first, but once it got past the taper at the head, it started burning a lot more evenly. Good flavor throughout, and it got a little more intense in the last third. Kinda spicy and a little earthy towards the end. Definitely going to enjoy going through the rest of those. At close to $10 a stick, i’ll be keeping on the lookout for these when heavily discounted or in sampler packs though.
  • Beauty – Not initially all that impressed, but it was a decent smoke. I’ve grown fond of medium to full bodied cigars of late and this was more on the milder side. The construction was pretty solid, although the draw was a bit tight until about the middle third. Good taste, but not much smoke volume. It did get to be a lot tastier in the last third however with more spice and woodiness coming out on the finish. At $12 a stick at most retailers, i’ll pass these up unless the price is ALOT lower.
  • Vintage Shaggy Gran Rothschild – This was a great smoke. Not a very pretty cigar as the head is unwrapped for about a half inch to 3/4 inch showing the binder and filler leaves. Toasted up very quickly and lit very well. Good smoke volume and excellent taste from start to finish. Construction was a little off in the last third as it started to come apart in the very last third, so that was kind of annoying, but it had a nice finish and pretty decent smoke volume. Not a horrible price at $7-8 a stick, but definitely not going to be buying these in singles.

Tonight, I’m trying out the Warlord. Nicaraguan filler, Connecticut binder and oily Nicaraguan wrapper. Very smooth draw and even burn. Good strength on this one too, definitely a little more punch to it than the others I’ve tried so far. These would definitely be one of my go-to sticks, but at roughly $6 per stick, they will have to be reserved for the occasional treat.