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Vapemania 2014

So this weekend, i went to Vapemania 2014 and it was really cool!  I got a bunch of cheap premium juice and a few freebies that are not bad.  I also discovered that I actually like a little bit of menthol in my juices.  I had smoked menthol analogs for a long time in my teens and early twenties, but had to switch to non-menthol after i was getting constant sore/scratchy throats.  I assumed that i’d have the same reaction to menthol nic juice but i’m happy to say that i was wrong.

I was kind of dissappointed that Space Jam Robofuel decided to drop out of Vapemania as i was looking forward to picking up some more Astro and Andromeda.

I found some really good juices from Puffing Monkey, Mt Baker Vapor, and Mad Mikes that I bought.  I’ll post some thoughts on those later.  I got some freebies from NicQuid, Boosted Vapor and Seduce Juice as well.

Mt Baker Vapor juices:

  • Hawk Sauce – this stuff is awesome.  i need to order some of the flavoring so i can mix it myself, but they only sell it retail in 15ml bottles.  At 20% flavoring, that only makes 75ml of juice 🙁
  • Thug Juice – right now this is pretty harsh, i need to let it steep some.  Very strong on the menthol right now, not getting much of the grape or watermelon as yet
  • 555 – this is a really good tobacco with some nuttiness and chocolate on the exhale
  • Guava

Mad Mikes – Pucker Up – pretty much straight up sweet lemonade/lemon candy. quite tasty

Puffing Monkey

  • Quadraclops – this is from a new line of high VG juices that they premiered at the show.  Very yummy hazelnut biscotti with a few other flavors in there that i can’t quite identify yet.
  • Berry Lemonade
  • Melon Madness


  • Smooththol – pretty much straight menthol.  not bad, but a little strong for my tastes
  • Daybreak – berry lemonade style
  • Daydreamer – very mellow tobacco with some vanilla and nuts
  • Cherry on top – cherry and whipped cream

Boosted Vapor – Betelguise – pretty good fruit mix.  i think i should have grabbed the Twinkle Cake, but when i tasted it in the carto’s that they had for tasting, it wasn’t that impressive.  I’m betting it would have been better out of my dripper though

Seduce Juice – Trinity – got this as a freebie with 0mg, so i’m kinda dissapointed as this could easily be an ADV for me.