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Vaping Bans

THIS article sums up my feelings on vaping being compared to smoking pretty well.

DISCLAIMER:  I’ve been analog free for 2 and 1/2 months now thanks to vaping, so i might be a little biased.

linux server set up

Up until around September of last year, i had been running an XP box so that i could have an always on torrent box that i could use to automate my downloads.  I had to manually manage the downloads and pull the data across my network to sort it on the various external storage drives I had connected to my Mac Mini.  Needless to say that this was less than ideal.  I spent a LOT of time managing the disk space on the XP box and copying files.

I have some experience doing unix/linux adminstration due to my day job and about 2 years ago accepted a position as a full time unix admin.  Since then, my unix-fu has grown quite a bit.  I had messed around with RedHat, Fedora, and Slackware years ago, but never really felt that it was ready for primetime for me.  I don’t think I had the proper knowledge to be able to do with it what I could have, so I gave up on linux at home and went back to what  I knew at the time (which was various flavors of windows).

Last year, I bought a raspberry pi to play with.  My intention was to use it as a media server box in my daughters room so that she could watch the movies and tv shows that i’ve converted over the years in her bedroom without having to copy files to an external drive and move them via sneakernet to her room.  I discovered that I could run quite a few programs that would auto-download and sort into a defined file structure with the Pi (blog post HERE)

When i got this working to my satisfaction, i decided to take the plunge and turn my XP box into a full blown linux server (sort of outlined that HERE)

it’s evolved a bit since then, so here is just a record for me (in case i need to ever wipe and start over) of what my servers do.

my linux servers:

Main Server
Intel Core i5-2400 3.1GHz 4GB RAM running Ubuntu 12.04.4
  • NFS/Samba for sharing files across network to media centers and other pc’s on network
  • deluge for tv shows, movies, et al
  • flexget to feed deluge via rss feeds
  • command line encoding of HD mkv’s and DVD’s into mp4 using HandBrakeCLI
  • convert video to dvd (shellscript that automates encoding, creating iso filesystem and burning)
  • convert m4a audio to mp3 (shellscript that exports tags, converts audio and then retags)
  • 2TB internal drive, (2) 2TB external drives storing media for AppleTV running OpenElec in Living Room.
Secondary server
Intel Core2 Duo 3.0GHz 2GB RAM running Ubuntu 12.04.4
  • deluge for torrents (long term seeding of linux isos and other helpful stuff)
  • LAMP stack for webserving (books, comics and magazines that i can dl to my phone and tablet)
  • VirtualBox for playing with VMs running various OS flavors
  • 2.2TB total disk space spread over 2TB external and 150GB internal