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Viewsonic gTablet and Asus Nexus 7

Recently i’ve been getting back into reading comics since getting a Nexus 7. I had tried using comic readers on my old Viewsonic gTablet, but it was heavy and cumbersome. The gtab was one of my first forays into the Android world. I had been wanting to get an iPad for the longest time after using one of the ones that the corporate support team has, but could not justify the expense of it. I didn’t see the logic in paying the same amount as i would for a pretty good laptop for a large ipod touch.

I had picked up the gtablet cheap from a few years back and started learning about the process of rooting and installing new roms. Thanks to a pretty active developer community on there was a lot of different things to do with the gtab. The stock ROM was pretty much useless and crippled the functionality of the tablet. The hardware specs of it were very similar to that of the Motorola Xoom just no 3G. The screen was pretty crappy which is ironic considering Viewsonic is/was a monitor manufacturer.

After using the gtablet for a while, i discovered an issue with the charging port. If the tablet was plugged in just right, it would charge, otherwise, there was no connection to the charger. I picked up a Malata Zpad stand that would allow me to charge the tablet via the 15 pin connection at the bottom of the tablet so that took care of the charging issue. I did find that this caused me to not use the tablet as a tablet. I was treating it like a tv; using it for netflix and watching downloaded movies while sitting at my desk.

I posted it for sale on xda and got no nibbles and was able to sell it to a co-worker for his kid. Found a 1st gen Nexus 7 for sale cheaply from Staples and i’m back in business.

Since I had experience with rooting on the gtab, doing it on the Nexus 7 was pretty simple. It also helps that the Nexus is Google’s flagship hardware device and gets all of the newest Android updates before other devices out there. I had it rooted within about 6 hours of picking it up.